The Even Score Collection - Location Found
I searched for months for this location, the vision was Tuscan sun, but the discovery was so much more! I met the lovely Linda from Blue house studio and she was kind enough to let us photograph during our stay. I hadn’t slept in days leading up, to much to do, to little time. But when we checked in, the location was everything Id dreamed and more. I felt inspired creatively and proud that Id made it there.
I woke at 4am to have my face painted by the amazing Aimmey who drove through the night to be there to work with me,  & I must say she had a task on her hand as I steamed my outfits and prepared finishing touches through the night and my face grew puffier and more drained by the minute.
The sun came up and Catie and I photographed for 15 hrs’ straight, no assistant, no one else around, just Catie & I creating and doing what we love. .........

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Location, Bluehouse Studio, Menzies Creek, Victoria, Australia